Huffington Post Live Review – The Barbican London.

The pair which consists of Oisin Leech and Mark McCausland are on fine form tonight. Their latest album ‘The Passing of The Night’ was produced by songwriter extordinaire Brendan Benson and features members of The Cardinals was a success with fans and critics alike.

However, one would be forgiven for being apprehensive tonight, after all can album which features such high caliber guests transfer over into a live setting? Happily though, if anyone had concerns, fears were put aside within the first opening minutes as The Lost Brothers have the remarkable ability of making a large spacious room feel very intimate indeed. Their masterful blend of careful songwriting and tuneful harmonies soon won over the crowd, which were to begin with a tad hesitant to embrace the band. With a touch of the Everly Brothers and the confident stylings of Buddy Holly, The Lost Brothers have the distinctive air of 1950s Rock n’ Roll about them. Taking in everything from Chuck Berry influenced diner rock to maudlin music hall, The Lost Brothers make a lasting impact. Throw in a dazzling cover of ‘Moon River’ and a raucous performance of their own song ‘The Goodbye Kid’ and tonight they prove why they are very much the critics’ darlings of the folk scene.”

The Huffington Post