“The Lost Brothers harmonies are to die for, as near as a duo have got to the mastery of The Everlys and The Louvin Brothers' tender close harmony singing that I've heard anywhere near these shores."- Richard Hawley

“The Lost Brothers have a sound, harmony and spirit that, if there is any justice, will outlive us all. These are great songs - knockouts- all of them.” - M Ward

“The Lost Brothers have a sound, harmony and spirit that if there is any justice will outlive us all.“ - M Ward

“Spellbinding” - NME

"Simon and Garfunkel reborn in the desert- the harmonies are exquisite.” - 8/10 UNCUT

“The Lost Brothers have found something to truly call their own.” - 4/5 stars Q MAGAZINE

“A thoughtful and subtle gem.” - 4/5 stars RECORD COLLECTOR

“Hushed and aching sun baked folklands.” - 4/5 Stars MOJO

“Transcendent” -  CLASH MAGAZINE

“It’s the dovetailing of the two voices that make this so special” - The Guardian

“As smooth as aged old whiskey. Best of the year” - 4/5 Stars - The Irish Times

“Thoroughly enjoyed helping out on this record- a joy to be around these guys. It’s a spectacular record.”- Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan’s Bassist Since 1989, Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs)

“As sincere and lyrical as any track by Leonard Cohen.”  - 8/10 HOT PRESS

“What I love about The Lost Brothers is how their songs often seem quite placid on the surface. Then one realizes just how depth-charged they truly are.”  - Paul Muldoon (Pulitzer Prize Winner)

“Sounds like Nick Drake singing songs in the firelight" - NME 8/10


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